Lead Based Paint

LTRC, Inc. Lead Based Paint

Lead Based Paint (LBP) is extremely toxic to human and animal health. Houses that are painted with lead based paint can cause severe health issues to its occupants especially young children. Lead causes damage to our organs, brain, and kidneys. It also can cause reproductive issues such as infertility. In recent studies children exposed to lead based paint form learning disabilities, seizures, and behavioral problems.  The physical signs in adults are headaches, joint pain, fatigue, miscarriage, and in severe cases nausea, vomiting, blue tint to gums and skin, loss of balance, coma, and even death.

Therefore, it is most essential to remove LBP that is found in homes build before 1978. Back in the 1950s houses were not regularly checked and LBP regulations not enforced. Today, it is vital to inspect a house professionally prior to it being sold.

The reason why some companies use Lead into their various paints is to enhance the colors and for the paint to dry faster, not realizing the many health issues it will cause the occupants of the area these paints are used.

LTRC, Inc.-Lead Based Paint removes LBP professionally to protect the air and environment. Safety is our number one priority. If you have any questions, please call us at 972-740-1876. Or our website: http://www.ltrc-inc./blog

by Rassin Roshan

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